My art is my way of expressing my world vision. I try to convey maximum of information in the most minimal but essential forms. Although I work mainly with steel, my sculptures and installations have an organic sensibility that reflects my interest in the basic interactions of life. The reference to geometry, natural shapes and the use of positive and negative spaces are a response to the search of a balance between opposites.

Wall compositions are separated from the surface of the walls with a distance of one or two inches, creating a floating effect in the space that is enhanced by lights and shadows. The blank walls become the medium and support for each one of these installations. The free standing and hanging pieces use the void as the main visual element. Space it’s a medium and transparency it’s always an important factor in these pieces.

Color, or the absence of it, is used to emphasize the strength of each shape and the placement of the shape in the space.

The concept behind each artwork is as important as the image and the space is as important as the shapes that create the whole composition.
Subjects and messages are open to personal interpretations.
The interaction with the spectator brings forth multiple ways of reading each composition.

Notes about different series

Constellations take the space above us as inspiration. The visual space is an important part of the composition. Lines and planes are combined to create patterns in the space, a sense of direction and orientation.
They have no color.  There are like drawings in the space. There are somehow minimal. Why? “ When nothing it’s left we’ll still have the sky over our heads “.

Cadenas (Chains) are hanging pieces that can be experienced as an installation or as individual pieces. Each separate component interlocks with another to create a chain. Each plane relates to another through the void to achieve volume. Every other piece has a cut that allows the connection between them. For me, the chains are the links that tie us to different things, attachments that we are free to break, cells or genetic codes. There are in a sense DNA drawings.

Clusters are a derivation or combination of the constellations and the chains. Perforated and oval shapes are connected to each other by directional lines . They create wall compositions that represent cells and groups of elements clustered in a close relationship.

Associations are about the relationship of one or more elements or beings that are connected in time and space. Organic shapes, lines and space are used to reinforce the idea of freedom of connection between the elements of the installation.

Landscapes use elements similar to the Associations that are engaged in an exploration of the two dimensional space. Using the whole wall, the background is painted and the directional lines, that I use when I work in the compositions, become visible. Landscapes represent for me moments in time, contemplation of nature as form of visualizing the vastness of the space.

Wall Installations are created by a combination of oval or round painted steel pieces arranged over an invisible grid that produce a visual effect of mathematical repetition in the space. Each element of the whole is different, they keep their individuality and they maintain their particular presence inside the totality. The egg shapes can be seen as particles, entities or a symbol of origin; they can become anything and everything when changing color, shape and placement in the space.

Nests are free standing or wall pieces that talk about the void. Steel plates have been pierced; leaving exposed holes through which we can see the space and visualize the nothingness or a land of infinite possibilities. The round and oval shapes that were part of this once full plates are gone, and doing so, they create a sense of sorrow for what is left behind.

Boxes are framed pieces that use the organic shapes of the eggs as elements to be collected inside a contained territory.

Layered Boxes are made by a combination of layers of steel plates that have been cut and welded to create a constrained, dangerous and violent space inside the frame. The negative spaces are created by the shapes that have been cut and taken out of the steel plates. The different layers are trying to hide and cover the void behind them but at the same time they create different depths, transparencies, lights and shadows that expose the void even more.

Swords are compositions where the elongated shapes take an imposing and even menacing presence in the background space of the white stark walls. The bare metal reinforces the concept of the relationship between the use of iron in old weapons, their masculinity; and the fact that without any artifice, they  are  also elements that can be the instrument to open new paths.

Carolina Sardi, Miami, 2008 /2011